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Fate comes for all, even for legendary Heroes...

You are a demi-god, using your powers to make a difference in the world - but your death has been prophesied by The Fates, and each breath moves you closer to the end of your journey.

How will you spend your last days? Will your legend be remembered?

TERMINUS - The Final Journey Of A Legendary Hero is a solo journaling RPG about performing heroic deeds and making peace with one's death.

This game is inspired by Greek Mythology, epics and tragedies (and Disney’s Hercules).

Content Warning: Enclosed inside, you will find themes that relate to fear, isolation, despair, violence, the inevitability of death, and facing one’s regrets and mistakes.


This game was created for the “Wretched & Alone Jam”, and was directly inspired by “The Wretched”, by Chris Bissette, by “The Wretched & Alone SRD”, and by Litza’s “Make a Wretched Game


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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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This is a really interesting approach to solo games and I look forward to trying it out with my Percy Jackson/Greek mythology-loving daughter. I like the mix of 'gaming' mediums you use too. Gotta get a copy of Jenga somewhere now. 

Also, really impressed with the presentation, concise writing and careful editing. I see more mistakes on big corporation websites. Great work, cat-in-lap evil geniuses, and thanks sharing your games! 

Thank you so much for the nice words! Percy Jackson was actually one of the inspirations for this one, so we do hope you two enjoy playing through it!


first W&A game i played, and i had a lot of fun! this lead me through quite a lot of rabbit hole, when i randomized what location i needed to go to, and i ended up learning some fun facts. i even "won" the game thanks to my tower just not falling!

Oh, nice!! We're happy you enjoyed your time with it :D
Who was your Hero and what did they do??

(also, do check out other W&A games once you have some time - there's some GREAT stuff there!)