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The Regime never stops, devouring planets and hope since the beginning of times. Once The Weapon is complete, resistance won’t exist even in dreams.

You are a spy, undercover behind The Regime’s lines, the only person willing to do what’s necessary. Operation Swordbreak - sabotaging The Weapon before it’s ready to destroy all life - is your only chance. That is, if The Hunters don’t get you first…


Operation Swordbreak is a solo RPG about paranoia and struggling against an unbeatable, oppressive system. It’s a game about making sacrifices and fighting for hope, even when all hope seems to be lost.

You are likely to die, and unlikely to be remembered.

Content Warning: Enclosed inside, you will find themes that can relate to murder and assassination, cosmic horror, destruction, tense social interactions, betrayal and monstrosities.


This game was created for the “Wretched & Alone Jam” , and was directly inspired by "The Wretched", by Chris Bissette, and by The Wretched & Alone SRD.

It also takes inspiration from Star Wars; Mobile Suit Gundam; Metal Gear Solid; and Cold War espionage thrillers with an added pinch of Cosmic Horror.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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How many pages (i.e. what sized journal) would you recommend for this? A rough estimate is fine, i just don't want to go way too big and waste paper or way too small and need more space. It looks super interesting and I'd love to play it

It really depends on how in depth you want your journal entries to be!
W&A games usually last around 7-10 rounds, so really it's all up to how much detail you want to put in your story - but you can safely go for a very short notebook without risking running out of pages (or even try using voice recordings if you don't want to waste any paper at all!)

awesome, thank you!


Absolutely beautiful game, and easily my favorite Wretched & Alone game. The only one I really replay. Probably because it's the one I most relate to--the themes are clear and visceral.

Woah, thank you very much for the kind words! We're really glad you enjoy your time with Swordbreak - hopefully you've been able to prevent a few superweapons from being completed!

Alas, not yet, but I'm sure the cards will be kind to me soon enough. Keep making games!