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WONDERFALL is a solo hexcrawl RPG about exploration and community building in a post-apocalyptic world. Your people was separated, but playing as a WANDERER (a cute anthropomorphic adventurer!), you'll recover and preserve lost knowledge and culture, help your community heal, and help the world rebuild!

To play, you will need this pamphlet, a few 6-sided dice (d6), a small token of your choosing to represent your Wanderer, and a way to record detailed accounts of the world and your experiences.

Play this game if you enjoy:

  • Worldbuilding and exploration
  • Finding wonder in the smaller things in life
  • Interacting with tables to interpret randomly generated content, playing without the need for a GM
  • A streamlined conflict resolution system focused on player agency
  • The themes of uplifting your community, celebrating culture and science, cute (magical) animals going on adventures, making friends, and discovering more about the world!

This game was made for the #1PRPGJAM


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

For anyone who'd like to play our game but cannot afford it right now, feel free to grab one of our Community Copies - especially if you're under financial hardship or part of the Global South!

Each new sale adds 2 Community Copies to the pool,  and for every extra $2 tip, we'll add another one!

Regardless, we'll try to always leave at least a couple of them available - but if there are none and you really want to play it, send us an e-mail or a tweet and we'll send you a copy ASAP!


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oh this is very nicely done, I love it.

Do you allow people making hacks of the game? 

Oh, heck yeah! (hack yeah...?)

We would love for other designers to have some fun with this framework - cannot wait to see what comes up!

We actually plan on making a few hacks of it ourselves! The more, the merrier - so hack away, friends!


    • v1.0: Launch version.
    • v1.1: Fixed minor typos; uploaded a low ink, printer-friendly version.
    • v1.2: Updated the sections about play materials and Starting The Game (to include the use of a token to navigate the hexmap).

๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ HELLO??  I LOVE THIS???!?  I only just bought it and haven't actually played yet, but I am LOVING what I'm reading in the rules.  There is a similar game I know of called "6x6 Tales" which has been my favorite game to play while traveling (now I have this game to fill that purpose, too!) - is it perhaps an inspiration?  (Both games are great ofc and fill different niches as well; 6x6 has kind of a typical D&D-ish sort of setting while Wonderfall is more cute & uplifting~)

I found what I think is a typo: in the blurb on the cover of the pamphlet, it says "but you are resourceful Wanderer" - it is maybe supposed to say "you are a resourceful Wanderer" or perhaps "you are THE resourceful Wanderer," if we're alone in this endeavor. ๐Ÿ˜…

And as just one last thing, apologies for being That Person but a printer-friendly black-and-white version of the pages would be splendid. ๐Ÿ˜Š


HELLO?? THANK YOU very much for your kind words and excitement, we're glad you like it that much (hope you like it even more once you get to playing it!!)

We had not heard of "6x6 Tales" before, but with such high praise we're definitely going to check it out ASAP!

You are absolutely right about the typo - it should read "a resourceful Wanderer" indeed, we've uptaded the PDF to fix it! Good eye and thanks for the heads up!

And honestly, we are also That Person. The printer-friendly version has been uploaded and is ready for printing!

Happy journeys and let us know what sort of adventures you get yourself into! :)