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In a war between Light and Shadow to engulf the world, they send their Battlemages to fight in the only place they can coexist: the TWILIGHT ARENA!

Twilight Arena is a brawler for two players. It is played by fighting to capture points and defeating your enemy.

This game and all its assets were made in 48h for the #luxjam, themed Light And Shadow.

(pixel font is m6x11 by managore: https://managore.itch.io/m6x11)

Player 1 Controls:

  • Select: F
  • Movement: A, D
  • Jump: W
  • Crouch: S
  • Weak Attack: F
  • Strong Attack: G
  • Uppercut: S + F
  • Block: S + G
  • Exit Game: Esc
  • Return to Menu: Enter

Player 2 Controls:

  • Select: F
  • Movement: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: Up Arrow
  • Crouch: Down Arrow
  • Weak Attack: O or Num Pad “4”
  • Strong Attack: P or Num Pad “5”
  • Uppercut: Down Arrow + O/Num Pad “4”
  • Block: Down Arrow + P/Num Pad “5”
  • Exit Game: Esc
  • Return to Menu: Enter


Twilight Arena.zip 10 MB

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