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It’s Halloween, the spookiest night of the year!

All across the neighborhood, kids dress up in their favorite costumes and run around gathering candy, playing pranks and having the time of their lives!

But for one particular group of adventurous friends, this will be an unforgettable night... They didn’t know it beforehand, but their neighborhood hides many secrets, and there was something evil lurking in the dark - something only they can stop before it ruins Halloween!


Tricks, Treats & Spooky Streets is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for group play, requiring 2 participants or more. Players will create and portray a group of kids, facing their fears together and helping each other solve supernatural problems through courage, cunning and charm.

To play, you will need a few d6 (or a dice rolling app), one Character Sheet per player, and writing implements of choice.


Buy Now$6.50 USD or more

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Tricks, Treats & Spooky Streets is an all-ages Monster Squad style kids-vs-spooky-happenings ttrpg.

If you like either of Double Fine's Costume Quest games, this very much has that energy, and might be an impulse buy.

The PDF is 16 pages, all-ages friendly, and has a great, clean, well-organized black and white layout. Seriously, this book feels crisp, and it's extraordinarily easy to read.

Mechanically, this is a d6 pool game. 4+s are successes, and rolls are based on your character's Attributes. Difficulty is measured by the number of successes you need to roll, so situations in which you simply do not have enough stat to do a thing may occur. However, characters can get bonuses for acting in keeping with their halloween costume, and once per game each PC can simply declare they pass a roll as they fully embody their costume and channel its energy to succeed.

Partial successes also exist, and help to keep the story moving forward.

Plus, everything is easy to learn and teach.

There's also a *lot* of other really neat mechanical flourishes.

There's a really gentle fear system, where players slowly build up Spooky points until they enter a panic mode, which resets them back to zero Spooky points when they finally calm down.

PCs also start with things they fear, and gain bonus dice for confronting them or protecting their friends from their own fears.

Spooky Streets doesn't have too much core plot---it's Halloween, you're a kid, and something spooky is happening---but it provides the GM with a lot of support and guidance to help with cooking up and running an adventure. There's recommendations for running different types of adventures, advice for different styles of play, roll tables in case the GM gets stuck, and more.

There's also a stellar character sheet that perfectly fits the game's aesthetic.

Overall, if you already have a kid-themed, halloween themed adventure in mind, this is a great system to run it. And if you don't, it's not too hard to improvise a Spooky Streets scenario on the fly. If you're looking for an all-ages ttrpgs, and especially if you're looking for a halloween one, I'd strongly recommend picking this up.