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It’s Halloween, the spookiest night of the year!

All across the neighborhood, kids dress up in their favorite costumes and run around gathering candy, playing pranks and having the time of their lives!

But for one particular group of adventurous friends, this will be an unforgettable night... They didn’t know it beforehand, but their neighborhood hides many secrets, and there was something evil lurking in the dark - something only they can stop before it ruins Halloween!


Tricks, Treats & Spooky Streets is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for group play, requiring 2 participants or more. Players will create and portray a group of kids, facing their fears together and helping each other solve supernatural problems through courage, cunning and charm.

To play, you will need a few d6 (or a dice rolling app), one Character Sheet per player, and writing implements of choice.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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