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CROSSED / FATES is a 2-player role-playing game about a devastating mech war, the people who fight in it, and the things it takes away.

It is mainly inspired by the relationship between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam, but you can play in whichever setting you desire. The rules will guide players as they work together to Build a Conflict and Backstories; take turns performing Actions during a duel; and describe the consequences of each other’s actions.

To play CROSSED / FATES, you will need:
Two Players acting as Sworn Rivals
A Standard Deck of Playing Cards (for Dueling)
♦ Writing Implements (for Journaling)
One Printed Copy of the “Encounter Report Sheet” (for Keeping Scores)
♦ An hour or two for the first session, and at least another 6 sessions of around 30-minutes each
A couple of d6 are optional (for Content Generation)

CROSSED / FATES is best played across multiple weeks, with time apart between sessions. 

We're returning this game to its original intended $5 price - but we intend to always have a few Community Copies available for free, no questions asked. 
If the Community Copies eventually run out, and the price is an impediment to anyone who wants to try it out, just send us an e-mail at catscratcherstudio@gmail.com or math.avs@gmail.com, and we'll send you a free copy as soon as possible!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Is there a minimum length for Sequences, or can you just attack with any two sequential cards (or any card plus a Joker)?


You can indeed attack with any two sequential cards! Beefing up your Sequences serves mostly to overcome potential blocks and to win tie-breakers, but quick Sequences left unopposed can be very deadly!