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Pretty nice game! Though, the level in which you need to memorize were the platformers are and then navigate in the dark was too difficult. The larger platformers were doable, but the small ones were just impossible.

Not sure what the controls are. I tried arrows, WASD and mouse presses, but nothing happened

Hey, thanks for trying out our game!
Something went wrong during the upload when the site was crashing, so we changed it to a downloadable .exe. I think it should be playable now and we'd love if you gave it another try! :D

(by the way, the game starts by pressing the Enter key!)

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Got it to work now. Thank you.

The sprite animation for the S action is very good!

I think it fits the theme thematically, but not really mechanically.

Overall, congratulations for getting it done! Nice work.

That's fair! We tried to base the game on only one core mechanic: switching things on (as in 1 for on, 0 for off) - but I see how that can make more sense thematically than mechanically! 

Thanks again for giving it a shot! It really was a challenge to get it done, so even if we might've missed the mark, we're quite happy with how it turned out :)